As a fulfillment service provider we take over the complete full service (warehousing) in the area of ​​distribution logistics for different companies. This fulfillment service is generally used by brand manufacturers and retailers to outsource their logistics processes and to focus on their own company. This is why we also speak of business process outsourcing or even “worry-free logistics.” In addition, our customers benefit from lower shipping costs due to bundling effects, fast delivery and a reduction in the error rate due to a very high degree of automation in e-commerce inevitable.

The further processing (Oderprocessing) including invoicing and delivery note generation as well as the packaging of the goods is completely taken over by us as a fulfillment provider. Thanks to the fast processing of incoming orders and the cross-system and automated data exchange (order and item import, synchronization of stock levels in warehousing, automated shipping confirmation and tracking), we guarantee fast delivery and high transparency in the shipping process. It gives you the opportunity to increase overall bottom line while increasing your customers’ loyalty, brand loyalty, and repurchase rate without spending extra money on marketing.