Quality control


Subcontracting and outsourcing need a reliable partner



As a service provider, we take over the quality control of goods and production parts of our customers. We are therefore the extended workbench of production and ideally located in the goods receipt or exit control. In doing so, we do visual inspections, functional tests and parts inspections according to the qualitative specifications. We offer our customers a wide range of possibilities, which can be optimally complemented by additional services.  Velpack is a good choice in the area of ​​subcontracted work for all related tasks and work steps during control & post-processing in the process of goods receipt & output control.

With our location directly at the Austrian border and near to Germany, are we centrally located and easy to reach from all over Europe.

We test small runs as effectively as big orders. At the same time, our customers always benefit from low lead times thanks to our high flexibility.

Velpack is a partner who will be glad to serve you